Guido Paulussen is born in Maastricht (The Netherlands). After an education at "De Nederlandse Filmacademie"in Amsterdam, he started his career as a filmcameraman, later as a director for the broadcasting company NPS.
A lot of his work is photographing places where TIME has changed structure and meaning. The original functions have disappeared.
Series as : "Silent Barns","Agricultural Landscapes" and "Portraits of Farmers"show in this context the loss of farmers life as a stiptych.
But time can also tell a story, from a point of beginning to a certain end.
In series like "En Route", we travel for instance by train or by plane.
Here you see his influence as a former cinematographer.
In his visits to foreign countries and cities, he is not only interested in the human factor but also in the typical atmosphere that is so different in all these places.


1993:                                      Hilversum:  NOS Mediacentrum

                                               Baarn:         Cultureel centrum “De Speeldoos”

                                               Eemnes:      Het  Oude Raethuys

1994:                                      laren:           Openbare  bibliotheek

1996:                                      Beek (Limburg): Gemeentehuis

1997:                                      Zeist: Triodosbank

1997                                       Eindhoven: Centrum voor de Kunsten

1998:                                      Maastricht: Galerie Wolfs

1999:                                      Beek (Limburg): Gemeentehuis

2000:                                      Maastricht: Natuurhistorisch Museum

2002:                                      Venlo: Limburgs Museum

                                               Amsterdam: Galerie Susanne Biederberg

2003:                                      Maastricht:   Galerie Wolfs

2004                                       Hasselt: Cultureel Centrum

2006                                       Beek: Gemeentehuis

2007                                       Maastricht : Centre Céramique

2009                                       Venlo: Limburgs Museum

                                               Amsterdam: Galerie Suzanne Biederberg

2011                                       Stein: Terpkerkje

                                               Kerkrade: Werkplaats K (groepsexpositie)

2012                                       Venlo: Limburgs Museum (groepsexpositie)

                                               Venlo: Museum van Bommel van Dam (onder voorbehoud)

2013                                       Amsterdam: Galerie Suzanne Biederberg

                                               Amsterdam: Arti et Amicitiae (groepstentoonstelling)

2014                                       Maastricht: Le Salon des Arts

2015                                       Maastricht: Lijstenmakerij Lenssen

                                               Flemalle (BelgiŽ): Musťe la Chataignerai (Euregionale Groepstentoonstelling)

                                               Tourgoing-Lille (Frankrijk): Rencontres du Livre et de la Photographie (groepstentoonstelling)

2018                                       Amsterdam: Galerie Suzanne Biederberg






1992:                                      Blad “foto”: “Licht en verstilling”

1996:                                      Limburgs Dagblad: “Vergeten Landschappen vol menselijke


1998:                                      Limburgs Dagblad: "tijdloze kunst in Galerie Wolfs"

                                               Dagblad De Limburger: "Lege Stallen van Guido Paulussen"

                                               Tableau:  Guido Paulussen, Lo van der Linden, Marietje Mazel

2000:                                      De Volkskrant: “Lijken op de Tocht”

                                               Limburgs Dagblad: “Mummies als Toevalstreffer”

2002:                                      Dagblad De Limburger: "Stille Stallen en Lege Landschappen"

                                               Limburgs Dagblad: “een fotografische Blues in Zwart/wit”



1996:                                      L1 Radio: Festival

1998:                                      L1 Radio: Profiel

2000:                                      VPRO: De Avonden

2002:                                      Omroep Limburg: Het Balkon van Limburg

                                               Wereldomroep: Studio NL

                                               NCRV: Het mooiste Plekje van Nederland

2007:                                      L1 televisie: “Onder de Rasberg” (Mat Verberkt)